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Classic Gold Curb Bracelet

Classic Gold Curb Bracelet

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The Classic 4MM Curb Bracelet- Made with Stainless Steel. 

O shape links in a 2.8MM size on each link. Available in 3 lengths including: 18.5CM, 19.5CM AND 20.5CM (Refer to size chart if needed)

All of our Gold Jewellery is made with with Made with 316L Stainless steel rather than our silver pieces all being in Italian Sterling silver. Simply Stainless steel properties mix better with high levels of gold plating over sterling silver. With the gaol of making Life long quality pieces with durability through all elements and activity, stainless steel is the chosen material for all our Gold pieces. 

  • Very durable. Stainless steel doesn’t corrode, rust, or become discoloured. What’s more, it won’t dent or get scratched. This makes it ideal for everyday use. People who wear stainless steel jewellery can bathe and swim without taking it off because no amount of moisture or humidity can damage it. 
  • Hypoallergenic. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, making it the ideal choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin. 
  • Stainless steel is low maintenance. Once it’s polished, it offers a better shine and smoother finish. It will maintain the same appearance no matter how much time has passed. 

Stainless steel does not tarnish. It’s also resistant to rust and corrosion. This is because of a high presence of chromium, which prevents rust and even has heat-resistant properties.