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5MM oval Belcher Bracelet

5MM oval Belcher Bracelet

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Our Belcher Bracelet; also known as a “Rolo Chain”.

Belcher chains are a thick link chain composed of broad round, ova -shaped links and shape interlocked and soldered together. One f the strongest bracelet you can get with the sturdy thick links on the bracelet. The Belcher can be Crafted in many ways, with all being a standout from its stand alone style. 

(Models wearing 19.5CM- Medium)


  • Made in Italy
  • Rhodium plated for longevity
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Made in 3 lengths: (18.5CM, 19.5CM & 20.5CM).

Size suggestion:

18.5CM: (Small)

19.5CM: (Medium)

20.5CM: (Large)