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5mm Flat cuban Bracelet

5mm Flat cuban Bracelet

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The 5MM flat cuban bracelet. Ive always loved a thick cuban but always thought they were a little loud. So i made took elements of inspiration and made the perfect flat cuban. 

This chain features interlocking round rings, and they are joined in a sleek union pattern, allowing it to lay flat on the wrist. With the cuban being flat it allows the ability for it to be dressed up when you layer it with accompanied bracelets, and it can also be dressed down as your everyday chain with its sleek and lighter feeling then a Miami style cuban.

(Models wearing 19.5CM- Medium)


  • Made in Italy
  • Rhodium plated for longevity
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Made in 3 lengths: (18.5CM, 19.5CM & 20.5CM).

    Size suggestion:

    18.5CM: (Small)

    19.5CM: (Medium)

    20.5CM: (Large)